WiFi Solution for High Density, Temporary & Short Term Events

Event WiFi Solutions

A large number of users (up to several thousand) are concentrated in a limited area. Often, such events have a main conference room, which brings together almost all participants (plus speakers, organizers) who need Internet access. You also need to organize Wi-Fi in other rooms with a lower density of users.

Festival WiFi Solution

Festival Wi-Fi Solution users should be divided into groups (participant, presenter, organizer). Each group has corresponding connection policies (speed limits, services, directions).

Outdoor WiFi Solutions

To meet the above requirements, as well as to fulfill the main task of event organizers (Wi-Fi must “work”), wireless installers must adhere to some recommendations. These rules are not a dogma and are not described in any international standards for organizing Outdoor Wi-Fi Solution networks at public events. Variations are also possible depending on the configuration of the premises (area, type of partitions: open space, light partitions, brick walls, etc.), the total number of participants, their distribution in the halls, requirements for access speed. Everything described below is based on the experience of installing such systems by the specialists of EZELINK.

Dubai Outdoor Events

EZELINK also organized Wi-Fi at the Rugby7 (event WiFi Rental), Interpol, KISS, Dua Lipa events in Dubai. Let’s describe the basic principles of Wi-Fi network installation using the example of the Emirates Rugby Sevens Annual Sports event.

Event WiFi Access Points

By placing the AP on the ceiling (high on the walls) and without limiting the radiation power, we got large coverage areas that was overlap. In the case when there was more than three APs operating at a frequency of 2.4 GHz in the room (as in our case, there were many of them in the stadiums), using the same frequency channels, we got a strong mutual influence and, as a result, an increase in bandwidth.

Event WiFi Advantages

MTR does not allow the Wi-Fi clients to slow down below the specified speed. Therefore, it cannot reduce the modulation rate below a certain value, and accordingly increase the sensitivity threshold. MTR 24 Mbps limits modulation to 16 QAM. Due to this, clients will not “see” distant APs and try to associate with them, and when switching to another AP, they will make the decision about roaming faster.



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