Smart DDI (DNS, DHCP, IPAM) Solution

DNS, DHCP, IPAM — together they form what we often refer to as DDI. They all work together to manage, assign, and resolve IP addresses and form an important part of any network. we explain below what each of these components are, what they are used for, and why you need them.

Today we start our journey by discussing IP addresses, what they are and why we use them. We will then introduce the DHCP system, how it works and what are its various components. After that, we will discuss the interaction between DNS and DHCP and why it is so important. And we’ll end this article by explaining what DDI is and why it’s so important. And after we’ve finished learning all the basics, we’ll move on to reviewing the multiple versions of EZELINK DDI/IPAM solutions for various industries.


The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol — or DHCP as we commonly call it — was invented to dynamically assign IP addresses and allow connected hosts to connect. DHCP eliminates the need to manually configure IP addresses. DHCP not only configures IP addresses, it can configure most of the connected host’s network settings, such as IP address, subnet mask, name servers, WIND server(s) in the Windows environment, and a few other settings. All parameters are dynamically configured each time the host is started on the network.

DHCP client component

The DHCP configuration information received by the client and used to configure the network interface is invalid forever. In fact, it is leased, not assigned, by the DHCP server. And that lease expires.

DHCP Server Component

As far as a DHCP server is concerned, its main job is to send configuration information to any host that requests it, and have it send unique options to each individual host. IP addresses can be assigned by a DHCP server in one of three ways: dynamic, automatic, or static.

Interaction between DHCP and DNS

The Domain Name Service — or DNS — is used to map hostnames to IP addresses. In a private network using dynamic DHCP allocation, there is often some integration between DNS and DHCP. So DNS always knows the current IP address of each host.


DDI is an acronym for DHCP, DNS and IPAM or IP address management. While we have not yet discussed the latter. IPAM refers to any software used to manage IP addresses. Such systems can typically be used to manage both DHCP-assigned addresses and statically-assigned addresses that are manually configured on hosts.

EZELINK 5 versions of DDI/IPAM Systems

Every DDI Solution of EZELINK can be used with all 3 features of (DNS, DHCP, IPAM) or as an individual product model of (EZE-DNS, EZE-DHCP and EZE-IPAM) in a standalone and can be inetgrated with many popular DNS and DCHP servers, such as the ones we find on Windows and Linux.

EZELINK Platinum Network DDI

EZELINK Platinum DDI is one of the best in network management. The product conist of some of the best tools for helping administrators. It allows you to use built-in DHCP and DNS servers making it a complete DDI system, and the software can also communicate with DHCP and DNS server from Microsoft and Cisco so you don’t have to replace all your infrastructures.

EZELINK Large Enterprise DDI

EZELINK Large Enterprise DDI is one of the industry leaders in this field. The address management is best suited for large corporations with a network management team. The IPAM system is actually a complete DDI system that includes DHCP and DNS. It can also communicate with DHCP and DNS servers from Microsoft.

EZELINK Centralized DDI

EZELINK Centralized DDI is ideal for management of the IP address space. It can handle both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. The built-in IP manager software helps network administrators determine whether an IP address is currently available or not. The IP Address Manager tool periodically scans the subnets and updates the availability status of the IP addresses on each subnet.


EZELINK SME IPAM & DHCP is better suited for small to medium networks. Like other SME systems, it has templates for automating routine tasks. It also comes with excellent standard reports. And if you don’t find existing templates or reports to your liking, you can customize them to your liking.


EZELINK IP Manager is a great DDI kit is an automated Internet-based IPv4/IPv6 address management software (IPAM). It has powerful network discovery features and offers search and filter functions for networks and host by resolving equivalent expressions in the Internet search engine. This allows you to find information that administrators often require easily and quickly.”


EZELINK has a big range of multiple versions of DDI platform suited to every organization as per heir requirements and features. The above five are the ones we think will cover most of the industry business requirements for large and small networks. But if you feel you need a turnkey solution EZELINK R&D team can be a big help to deliver customized solution as per your requirements .



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