EZELINK Trusted Wireless Access Gateway

Help carriers upgrade their existing LTE networks , generate additional Trusted Wireless Access ( TWAG ) revenues and accelerate 5G deployments.

Gateway operates on the same 5G band (up to 6 GHz) that operators will use to upgrade their LTE networks , which will expand coverage for trusted wireless access and enhanced mobile broadband services.

The EZELINK TWAG solution will help operators gain significant value from this growing market segment. This solution is a hardware device that can be easily installed indoors and connected wirelessly to a mobile network.

The gateway provides gigabit speeds to home subscribers based on the 3GPP wireless New Radio (NR) standard. Using carrier aggregation, the gateway improves network performance and reliability by selecting the most reliable 4G and 5G signals.

EZELINK is a leader in 5G fixed wireless access. Our solutions help the operator offer ultra-broadband services to its subscribers faster and expand its subscriber base. Our TWAG solution accelerates 5G network rollout and delivers the full benefits of 5G to home subscribers, dramatically improving the quality of home services.

EZELINK is the world leader in wireless networks and the only company in the industry to offer a comprehensive suite of solutions for wireless deployments. Used in more than 70 projects, our TWAG solutions, software tools and services enable customers to take advantage of the enormous potential of next-generation network technology.



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